mlr Workshop 2017

Announcing the mlr workshop


Janek Thomas


February 13, 2017

When and Where?

In 2017, we are hosting the workshop at LMU Munich. The workshop will run from 6 March to 10 March 2017 (potentially including the sunday before and the saturday at the end), hosted by the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich.

Important Dates:

It is also possible to arrive on Saturday or Sunday, as we already have the rooms and are able to work there. But this is totally optional and the official workshop starts on Monday. Same thing for the Saturday after the workshop.


The mlr developer team is quite international: Germany, USA, Canada. The time difference between these countries sometimes makes it hard to communicate and develop new features. The idea for this workshop or sprint was to have the possibility to talk about the project status, future and structure, exterminate imperishable bugs and start developing some fancy features.

What is the target audience / Can I join?

The workshop is mainly geared towards the already existing crowd of developers, but it might also be a perfect opportunity to join the team - if you want to help. We are always looking for competent persons to collaborate with. If you are interested, please register in the following form, and we are looking forward to seeing you in Munich! Join us for the excellent team and the nice Bavarian beer and food in Munich!


We want to thank all our sponsors. Without them this workshop would not be possible.

Timetable and schedule

You can find the workshop schedule here

Results of the previous workshop

Our last workshop in 2016 was in Palermo, Italy. Twelve people from the developer team met from the 8th to 15th of August to work on and with mlr and it was more like a sprint, as our core developers meet to get stuff done. We closed a lot of issues and developed new features that we will release with version 2.10 of mlr. Thanks to all participants: Giuseppe Casalicchio, Janek Thomas, Xudong Sun, Jakob Bossek, Bernd Bischl, Jakob Richter, Michel Lang, Philipp Probst, Julia Schiffner, Lars Kotthoff, Zachary Jones, Pascal Kerschke! We also head a great time in a great city aside from the workshop, where we have been travelling around the city for sightseeing and enjoying the beach and nice food of Palermo.