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Announcing a mlr3 tutorial at userR!2020

mlr3 tutorial at the useR!2020 European hub

We are thrilled that we got accepted for a tutorial at the useR!2020 satellite event in Munich on July 7th. Bernd Bischl and Michel Lang will give an introduction to mlr3, the successor of the mlr package for machine learning in R.

The main objective of the tutorial is to introduce and familiarize users with mlr3 and its ecosystem of extension packages. This will allow participants to take advantage of its functionality for their own projects, in particular:

After the tutorial, participants will be able to implement complex solutions to real-world machine learning problems, and to evaluate the different design decisions necessary for such implementations, in particular the choice between different modelling and preprocessing techniques.

About the useR!2020 satellite event in Munich

The conference is a satellite event of the “official” useR!2020 in St. Louis, USA. It is actively supported by the R Foundation, and there will be streamed keynote talks from the US to Europe and vice versa. The following speakers will give a keynote in Munich (you can find the tentative programme here):

Note that there is still time to submit an abstract for a talk, a lightning talk or a poster. Registration is also open now!


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