mlr3 Package Updates - Q3/2021

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This posts gives an overview by listing the recent release notes of mlr3 packages from the last quarter.

Patrick Schratz

Due to the high amount of packages in the mlr3 ecosystem, it is hard to keep up with the latest changes across all packages. This post tries to tackle this issue by listing all release notes of the packages most recent releases in the last quarter. Note that only CRAN packages are listed here and the sort order is alphabetically.

Interval: 2021-07-01 - 2021-10-01

bbotk 0.4.0 -

Description: Black-Box Optimization Toolkit

mlr3 0.12.0 -

Description: Machine Learning in R - Next Generation

mlr3cluster 0.1.2 -

Description: Cluster Extension for ‘mlr3’

mlr3filters 0.4.2 -

Description: Filter Based Feature Selection for ‘mlr3’

mlr3learners 0.5.1 -

Description: Recommended Learners for ‘mlr3’

mlr3pipelines 0.3.4 -

Description: Preprocessing Operators and Pipelines for ‘mlr3’

mlr3spatiotempcv 1.0.0 -

Description: Spatiotemporal Resampling Methods for ‘mlr3’



Bug fixes


mlr3tuning 0.9.0 -

Description: Tuning for ‘mlr3’

mlr3verse 0.2.3 -

Description: Easily Install and Load the ‘mlr3’ Package Family

mlr3viz 0.5.6 -

Description: Visualizations for ‘mlr3’

mlr3viz 0.5.5


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