Useful resources for learning mlr3


Entry points to learn about mlr3.


Central entry point to the mlr3verse.


Collection of case studies and demos.

  Reference Manuals

Reference manuals (via package overview).

  R6 Introduction

Introduction to R6 classes.

  Future Package

Homepage of the parallelization framework 'future'.

Cheat Sheets

The essential things neatly summarized. Perfectly printed out next to the keyboard or on a second monitor.


Core package cheat sheet.


Tuning cheat sheet.


Feature selection cheat sheet.


Pipelines cheat sheet.


Recorded tutorials and lectures we have given.

  useR2019 talk

Short intro to mlr3.

  useR2019 talk

Short intro to mlr3pipelines and mlr3tuning.

  useR2020 tutorial

Tutorial on mlr3, mlr3tuning and mlr3pipelines.

  ODSC talk 2021

Into to mlr3spatiotempcv and mlr3spatial.


Material from teaching at our universities.

  I2ML course

Introduction to ML course. Free video lectures, slides, quizzes. Exercises use mlr3.


Slides and other material for teaching mlr3.

Peer-reviewed Articles

A more scientific view on our the packages and the packages we depend on.

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