Bernd Bischl

Professor of Statistical Learning and Data Science at the LMU Munich. I created mlr a long time ago at the beginning of my PhD. Nowadays, I spend most of my time in project supervision, code reviews and helping to design new parts of the framework. I was part of the design process of nearly all parts of the new mlr3, but nearly all code has been written by the other developers.

Michel Lang

Postdoc at the TU Dortmund and one of the main developers of mlr. I've worked on many internal parts of mlr and started to implement support for survival analysis. Now main developer of mlr3.

Marc Becker

Research engineer at the LMU Munich and main developer of the mlr3 optimization packages.

Raphael Sonabend

Postdoc at Imperial College London. I was the main developer of mlr3proba and also the previous maintainer of mlr3extralearners.

Sebastian Fischer

Research Engineer at LMU Munich. Is working on mlr3torch, mlr3oml and maintains mlr3extralearners.

Lars Kotthoff

Computer Science Professor at University of Wyoming, contributes small pieces here and there.

Florian Pfisterer

PhD Student at LMU Munich. I am interested in projects on the intersection of Meta-Learning, AutoML and Algorithmic Fairness. Mainly working on mlr3pipelines and mlr3keras/mlr3torch

Lennart Schneider

PhD Student at LMU Munich. Interested in black box optimization, HPO and AutoML. Mainly working on mlr3mbo.

John Zobolas

Postdoc Researcher in Clinical AI at the Institute for Cancer Research in Oslo. I am the main developer and maintainer of mlr3proba.